Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit From The Faeries and Another Application for Fig Jam.

Spring days have really been rolling along over here, and with the bulk of the organizing done, we've been free to enjoy it!
Sunday was calm and enjoyable. Taking the garbage out in the back, I was greeted by a glory of violets in the back yard and distractingly beautiful satiny red tulips. I was understandably surprised, since we have lived here for five years and have never seen them before. The violets probably spread from the next yard over, which was resplendent with them, but where did those tulips come from?
Just at that time, my neighbor came out with his garbage.We puzzled over the gorgeous tulips that neither of us had planted. The elderly gentleman and I finally came to the highly logical conclusion that it was the faeries.

I found the violets to be very inspiring. I've created this brooch in honor of them and violet jelly will be made using this awesome recipe I've been dying to try from the uber-awesome Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes.
Before going over to have Easter with Bill's family, we decided to make a treat for ourselves and to share with everyone and had a marshmallow party.

All I did was set the stuff out and the family had a blast! Bill and Gwenny were literally quivering with anticipation as I melted the chocolate.
"Is it done yet?" got asked enough times to make me pull a Papa Smurf.
Then dipping ensued to the enthusiasm of all!

After a while, the sprinkles fell by the wayside and people got fancy. It started with dipping into dark and white chocolate, artistic drizzling, and ultimately crescendoed to marshmallow art and calligraphy, using bamboo skewers as writing instruments.

After our marshmallow party, we brought our bounty to Mom and Pop Robb's to the general delight of the crowd-- don't worry, there was plenty left for us!
Other important happenings in the household recently include welcoming Matt Smith as the new Doctor Who to an uproariously delighted reception, and finding something else to do with fig jam. If anyone follows this blog closely, you may have noticed my thing with figgy jam.
My brother, during my trip to Manchester, got me hooked on this glorious substance. It has become a household staple even though it's outrageously expensive.
I wanted to share this AMAZING dressing that I improvised the other night. It's wonderful for dressing greens and I imagine it would be a fab marinade for chicken.
Katty's Orange and Fig Jam Salad Dressing
you will need:
1/4 c. olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
salt (to taste)
small pinch each of fennel seed, mustard seed, and 3 peppercorns crushed
a pinch of dried mint
1 T Dalmation Orange and Fig Jam

Pour oil in a bowl or cup and squeeze in lemon juice. add spices and jam and mix thoroughly.
I used this to dress spring greens with a little pecorino cheese and the taste was incredible!