Monday, October 3, 2011

Nothing to Watch

So I need to take my mind off things for just a little bit. Everything's cool, I just want to stop thinking for two hours. Can you feel that?
It seems reasonable to turn to my shelf of, like, 300 movies. I need something happy, something that's going to make me feel like a million bucks with no dying and no cancer. I figure, no problem...I don't even OWN Terms of Endearment.
So here's what I've got.

Normally my go-to feel better about life movie. Mom dies in the beginning. Maybe I'll fast forward.

I watch this almost every day during October. But I always cry at the end. Better not test it.

Ditto, I'll lose it when the unicorn dies.

Dad dies in the beginning. Young Hugh Grant possibly worth it.

Dad dies in the beginning, but this one's a bit of a dick so it might be ok. But, like three other people die too.

Really? Dude, everybody dies.


DOCTOR WHO any season
I can't watch Christopher Eccleston's because Rose's dad died left, right, and center.
I can't watch David Tennant's because I cry because I miss him so much on the best of days.
I don't feel like Matt Smith. Oh, and a whole season is spent on him dying.

Are you effing kidding?

From Freaky Friday, to Jane Austen Book Club, to Ever After. Movies that normally make me feel all happy and squishy.
I never noticed before, but it's everywhere.
It touches us all. But it's ok, it's supposed to.
Right now though, I'm actually finding some humor in it, in the everywhereness of it. I was just kind of chuckling to myself, as I ruled out Napoleon Dynamite (why does he live with his gramma anyway?) figuring Bridget Jones's Diary and a 90's Ashley Judd romantic comedy were about it out of the zillion movies I own.
I'm going to make some cookies and watch....something.