Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll blog on Monday, I swear.

I recently heard blogging described as being like dieting. The allusion struck me as funny because I've been going through a string of weeks where almost every day I was intending to write a post, then things got hectic, I ran out of time and I said to myself, "I'll blog tomorrow, I swear". It really was starting to feel like when I gear up to increase my excersize regimen or cut out sugar. I start the day with the best of intentions, then find myself putting it off until tomorrow.
I know I should, I know I'd feel better but.....
Sound familiar?
How do the daily bloggers do it? I truly do enjoy writing, and I have been really enjoying learning about photography, and between my etsy shop, movies, working out at my CSA, crafting, family and general spring rambles, I have plenty to blog about.
I think I'm missing an ingredient in the magic formula.
Maybe I should plan ahead?
Let's see, shall we?
Well,with the best of intentions, I sit here and mull the issue over, with all of you as my witnesses.
I'm writing now, which is good. Like with practicing my bellydancing, taking a walk, or eating a healthy balanced meal, now counts.

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