Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Pom Pom Loo Hat

So yeah. I've been away (again). I couldn't help it! But I'm ready to kiss and make up with the four or five people who read my blog (warning- if you don't knit, you're still going to be mad at me).
I'm going to tell you about the Pom Pom Loo Hat.
And give you the pattern.

Last October, the week of the ill fated Haunted Hayride (two car accidents later, we finally got there) armed with an Ashford drop spindle, 8 ounces of woolly decadence from Frabjous Fibers and a host of You Tube tutorials, I taught myself to spin. Instantly hooked, I went though my wool as if there were a cheesecake being given out to the first ten people who produced three balls of handspun merino. I was so excited by my luscious bounty that I just had to make something...right now.
I wasn't quite sure how much I had...and being my first time around it was a bit bulky. I decided on a hat. What I came up with was easy and fun to make and even funner to wear! I called it the Pom Pom Loo hat because the two pom poms make me think of this REALLY LAME arrangement of "Leaving On A Jet Plane" my husband and I sang in a show once...While the soloist sang the main line, the chorus was in the background singing "pom pom loooooo". What is that? Why couldn't we just go oooo or even bum bum bum like a normal chorus? Honestly, I'm going to be ashamed when I meet John Denver on the other side.
Anyway, the pattern. I promised this a couple of weeks ago to a friend at church who wants to make one to send out to her daughter at BYU, so why not share it with the world?
World, I give you the Pom Pom Loo Hat.

Bulkyish, handspun or single ply yarn (sorry I have no idea how much but I think Noro Kuryeon would be a great pick.)
Size 13 straight needles (if you prefer circular, go for it. Just cast on twice as many stitches and make one piece instead of two)
Gauge- 3 spi in garter stitch

Note- The hat is meant to be biggish and drapey.

Hat (make two)
CO 35 stitches.
Knit all rows until piece measures 7"

Stitch up sides and top. Weave in ends. Make two 2" extra fluffy pom poms and stitch one onto each corner of the hat. Cut 1' lengths of yarn to half of desired thickness of braid. Twist yarn and using a crochet hook thread half of its length though the bottom corner of hat. Braid and tie with a scrap piece of yarn. Make a braid for the other corner.

I hope you like...and if you do, feel free to make one for yourself or as a gift. Please keep it karmic and don't make these for sale :)

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