Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cincinnati Weather--WTF(udge)?

This is one single, very expressive picture that describes perfectly the weather around the Cincinnati/Northern KY area. Greenery, spring blossoms, and snow.
Walking to work on Thursday, I had my umbrella ripped apart and generally rendered useless by a torrential rainstorm. I arrived dripping wet and my shoes were sloshy all night.
Leaving work at 4am, a friend and I had a jawdropping moment when we realized it was friggin' snowing.
Seriously? Weren't we done with that?
Apparently not. In fact, I nearly slipped on my porch, which had the nerve to be icy.
The next morning I awoke to brilliant sunshine and the first thing I saw out my window was a tree, suddenly misted over with green.
Is it just us? Or is the weather just catawompus everywhere?

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  1. :)
    Quite the usual around here - I think we have some coming in tonight!