Thursday, February 11, 2010

James E. Tobin- a helluva guy.

See the guy on the left? That's my Grampa Jim. I know...what a dish!
I've been away from this space this week in order to celebrate his wonderful life with my family.
He passed on Monday night, peacefully and at home, just like he wanted, after a mercifully quick battle with cancer.
Can I tell you, though, just how much class this guy had? Lots. He always put on his best face, smiled and joked with us whenever we came by to see him those last months.
That's the kind of guy he was, the kind of grampa that wears suspenders and tells good jokes and always had a peppermint on his person. Honestly, I've done more smiling than crying the last few days, thinking about him and the kind of person he was.

My grandparents are the ones on the left locked in a giant smooch, of course.

He was married to a lovely lady for 60 source tells me that he still had an Irish twinkle in his eye for her until the last. (My source is gramma.) His wife loved him.His children loved him. His grandchildren loved him. His great grandchildren loved him. Everyone loved him. He was that kind of guy .
I'm left with lots of happy memories, a cache' of good jokes, and a great example of how good humor and selflessness can get you through life's troubles. (In addition to an affection for peppermint.)
It's true! I betcha he could out-grampa anyone on the block. I love you grampa Jim. I'll be seeing you.


  1. This is so sweet, it makes me want to cry!

  2. I'm certain that he's happy that you're happy remembering him!