Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Cookies!

Oh, what a snuggly day we've had here today. We spent some time in the kitchen today baking up some yummy Valentine's Cookies. This year we tried a scrumptious recipe from Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes-- one of my favorite, favorite blogs. We tried out the wonderful Rosewater Cookies recipe found here, but adapting it to fit what we had here. These came out so very tasty that I wanted to share.
First of all, I had roses on hand, but not rosewater. Instead, I made a tea of dried roses. It came out super fragrant and quite tasty! ( I let it steep about a half hour to make it pretty potent.) Now, armed with my rose-ish water, I was ready to get started.
I had almost all of the wet ingredients except lemon extract and sour cream. For the lemon extract I just used the juice of a meyer lemon, but as I'm typing this the thought occurred to me I could have just used a drop or two of lemon essential oil and that would have been pretty good too. For the sour cream, I whipped some regular cream and added a splash of apple cider vinegar. At this point, I got curious and dipped my finger into the mixture to have a taste and I was quite delighted!
Gwenny loved helping out with the rolling and cutting!

These came out so yummy! Light, a little lemony, a little floral...totally dreamy. We felt, though, that they needed just a leetle something on top- nothing too sugary , just the teensiest bit of extra sweet. I came up with this light, delicate glaze that set them off perfectly. (Squeeeeeeeeeeee.)

Katty's Splendid Sesame-Agave Cookie Glaze

You will need:
1/3c. agave syrup
2tbs. sesame seeds
1t. rosewater or rose tea
a pinch of salt
2 drops of red food coloring

(I just eyeballed it sounds about right :))
So I put everything except the food coloring in a small saucepan over medium high heat. I let it bubble until it got all foamy and then waited about three minutes after that point before I took it off the heat and added the food coloring. I set the pot aside for about 20 minutes and waited for it to harden a bit. Then we just dipped the fronts of the cookies into the glaze and let the extra run off. Then we set the cookies aside for a minute before we dug in.
Nummies!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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