Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hardest Part of Love

So, yesterday, I unloaded the bookshelves so that I could move them to the other room and I realized - we have an absolute cubic crap-ton of books. Normally, this is a good thing- Bill and I kind of pride ourselves on our gigantoid collection of random books. I mean...we're nerds. It's what we do.
However, I was looking at a floor full of books and music with the eyes of a rabid simplifier. I looked at my floor o' books with the painful knowledge- we don't need all of these.
Great minds apparently think alike. I came home from work last night and found instead of one giant pile, several smaller piles. My husband, seeing the books everywhere, and knowing simplicity was the aim, began to sort through the books, trying to weed out the ones we could part with. Some of the no- brainers were already on the shelves, like the Harry Potters.
Some no brainers were also in the Goodwill pile, like an 80's copy of Color Me Beautiful.
Here are a few other guidelines that helped us decide:
The girls are now 12 and 18... the Dr. Seuss collection and other children's books would be better appreciated by my sisters with smaller children.
Any book we have not read or re read in the last five years might be enjoyed by someone else. (There are exceptions to every rule...i.e. the AWESOME vintage Star Trek Reader I didn't know existed because it was buried under other stuff.)
Anything that belongs to the public library...should go back! (Shame on me.)
It's been a tough process- but has resulted in more room, yet a still respectable collection of books.
A few more scenes of gleeful organization at Chez Robb

It's all happening here! Have a splendid day, everyone!

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  1. Hello folks, it's the Biller here and wanted you all to know that operation "simplify" has reached a new phase as the furniture move began in the wee hours of Friday morn. The desktop and the books now share a proximity that writers need:to be able to write one must first love to read. I must say that this new arrangement stirs a feeling of creative bliss this author has missed.
    We will continue to post as we grow ever nearer our objective. Peace be to you all for stopping by.