Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Small Change: Joining the CSA

I came across a fun and interesting challenge a few weeks ago. Actually, a better word would be opportunity. This opportunity was issued by a woman in Colorado with a killer blog-- Hip Mountain Mama. This seed of an idea is starting to grow to epic proportions and I ,for one, am totally on the train--ding,ding!
Every month this year, make one small change. Just one thing to live a bit greener. It doesn't have to be a giant hoo-ha, just something you find manageable and then either blog about or let her know so she can post it-- I think it's a great idea, doing something and raising awareness at the same time. Talk about killing to birds with one stone, or more humanely, getting two carrots with one pull. That brings me to my change for this month. Hold on to your hats, guys, I'm very excited about this.

This month, I'm joining my local CSA. Yay! I've been wanting to find a CSA out here ever since I visited one out in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago and finally did once I got wise to a great website called This website is a wonderful tool that will help you find a farmer's market, CSA, or food co-op near you.

So what is a CSA, since I said it three times in the last ten seconds? It's a farm, supported by the community. You buy a share and/or volunteer time and in return, you get fresh produce during the growing season, in addition to seeing and being involved with where your food comes from
and getting to know the people who grow it. It's big fun! I'm really looking forward to it.

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