Thursday, January 28, 2010

Katty's Pick: When in Rome

Hey all! I'm actually kind of surprised to be writing this today. I was not expecting to have a "pick" for this week- like last week, this week's releases looked kind of dry. However, I wound up being pleasantly surprised.
Last night, I had the opportunity to pre-screen "When In Rome", a new comedy starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. I had seen the trailer a lot and, to be honest, it looked kind of...mmmmm...cheesy. The supporting cast seemed as though they would be entertaining- Angelica Huston and Danny DeVito are always a welcome addition to any film, and I always love to see Jon Heder- but I wasn't expecting to be very entertained by the movie in general. I went into it with a bit of a ho-hum attitude....and it was wonderful!
Beth (Bell) and Nick (Duhamel) are two people in love with their jobs who meet at a wedding. Nick is ready to be swept away, Beth is ready to assume the worst and doom the relationship before it can begin. Later that night, a bit soused, Beth finds herself wading around in the Fountain of Love, picking out coins in order to save a few people from the doom of falling in love.
Little does she know that she has accidentally claimed the love of several different and very eccentric men who follow her back to New York and pull out all the stops in a hilarious competition to win her love. Now the question is- is Nick for real or is he under a spell? I'll keep my lips sealed...but there is a twist!
So sure, the story is a leetle schmaltzy, but it comes together beautifully.I thought this movie was really very, very charming and so funny. Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel had wonderful chemistry together-I was completely tickled by them both. My unexpected favorite supporting character was actually Bobby Moynihan in the best-friend-of-the-leading-man role- he was hilarious! One of his asides coaxed and unreasonably loud belly laugh out of me.
If you're in the mood for something fun for a date or a date with some of the girls this is a pretty good one.

The preceding was just my opinion...hope you found it helpful!

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