Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a Bill Blankee

I wanted to share some of these photos of the afghan I'm working on for my hubby.
Last spring I made a couch runner using the top panel with the skull motif, having adapted that from a potholder pattern. It's a general favorite at home...husband, kids and kitties alike have all enjoyed napping with it (despite the fact that it is a couch runner and not a blanket.) Soon after I made the runner, Bill requested an afghan incorporating the skull motifs.
It has proved to be a perfect Post Christmas Crafting project, shaking me free from the knitting-sewing- baking- gluing- glittering into the wee hours fog I get into the week before the holiday. (I'm starting early this year...right?)
I have been working on it with tremendous energy, improvising and flying free, greatly enjoying Bill's chosen color palette. It has helped cheer my grandfathers bedside, gone to the movies with me and earned me some decent "street credit" among my knitting group.
My husband loves it so much, that when I ran out of yarn, he begged me to tie it off so he could sleep with it for a couple of days while I waited to get more.
The kitties seem to like it ,too! Is anyone else working on something new? I'd love to hear!

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